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My name is Kelsey and I own The Good Dog Co.


I offer several services, from simple puppy obedience to severe behavioral issues. Along with canine behavior, I have experience as a VTA and have a special interest in canine nutrition and gut health. I don’t condone the use of any shock or prong collars, or any aversive training methods. I’ve seen the changes that positive training methods can make in an aggressive dog. 


Echo, my Border Collie rescue, has a bite history and a long list of behavioral concerns. Him and I have been through many ups and downs and he is the reason I learned about canine behavior. I know the desperation of not knowing how to handle your dog. I know the absolute panic you feel after your pup, who is cuddly and loving at home, injures someone. I know the sick-to-your-stomach feeling of wondering if that person is going to press charges, if euthanasia is going to be on the table. I understand it, and I’m telling you I can help you fix it. 


My goal is to educate other pet parents and give them the tools and knowledge that they need to live a happy, calm life with their dogs. Whatever your behavioral issue is, there is a solution for it as long as you are willing to do the work. I’ll be with you every step of the way, cheering you on! If you choose to reach out to me, there will be no judgement; I know we’re all just doing the best we can, and most of all, I know at the end of the day — they’re all good dogs.

the owner and primary trainer with her dogs
the owner and primary trainer with her dogs
the owner and primary trainer with her dogs
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